Satin UV

Satin UV coating enhances vision by reducing eyestrain and protecting eye health from harmful UV rays. Applied to both lens surfaces, it improves light transmission, minimizes glare and reflections, and enhances visual clarity and appearance. Designed to resist scratches, repel water and dust, Satin UV ensures sharp vision and comprehensive UV protection for prolonged eye health.

Protect Your Eyes with Satin UV Coating

Satin UV coating is meticulously developed to enhance vision, reduce eyestrain, and safeguard eye health from harmful UV rays. Applied to both lens surfaces, it optimizes light transmission, minimizes glare and reflections, and enhances overall visual clarity and aesthetic appeal. Designed with enhanced scratch resistance, water and dust repellent, Satin UV ensures crisp vision and comprehensive UV protection for long-term eye health.

Experience superior eye protection and enhanced visual performance with Satin UV coating, ensuring comfort and clarity while safeguarding your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays in any environment.

  • Helps block UV rays associated with damage to the eye, as well as the skin around the eye.
  • Helps reduce glare in the day, night time and when using computer screens, providing sharper vision and alleviating visual fatigue.
  • Helps improve the cosmetic appearance of the lenses by reducing reflections.
  • Helps extend the life of the lenses. The Satin UV coating consists of layers specially formulated to incorporate key features such as scratch-resistance, water and dust repellency, which make the lenses last longer.
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Satin UV

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MyoME and MyoStock are two lenses which make up our myopia lens profile. The lenses are made up of two different technologies that both aim to slow down myopia progression. For more information on myopia management and our MyoME and MyoStock lens, feel free to visit our ‘store finder’ to contact your local independent eyecare practitioner.
Firstly, it features HIDS technology to slow down myopia progression. Secondly, compared to the standard conventional lenses, it is thinner and lighter. It automatically comes with a blue filter, to provide relief when using digital devices, and an ‘Ultra-Super Hydrophobic’ coating, to allow ease of cleaning. Thirdly, it is one of the most cost-friendly myopia management lenses in the market.
MyoStock is a lens design that uses Hexagonal Implication Defocus Segments (HIDS) technology to slow down myopia progression. The lens is made up of a central viewing zone which provides clear and comfortable vision. Surrounding the central viewing zone are micro-hexagon segments that contain HIDS technology, which aims to decrease the rate of myopia progression.
It is best if the child is seen by an optometrist to evaluate their vision and eye health. If the child is diagnosed with myopia, the optometrist will go through the recommended management regime. To find out your closest optometry practice that offers CR lenses, visit our ‘store finder’.
MyoME is a lens that aims to slow down myopia progression. It is made up of a central viewing zone which provides clear and sharp vision. The sides of the lenses feature a treatment zone. On the bottom of the lens, it features a reading correction to help relax the eyes when performing near-tasks.
The overall benefits of myopia management are the decreased risk of eye health complications and vision impairment. Studies have shown that myopia is associated with a higher likelihood of developing eye diseases such as retinal detachment, macular degeneration and, cataracts.
SHAW lens is beneficial for individuals who experience an image size difference between the two eyes because of their prescription or eye condition. Given the differing images perceived by each eye, it may be difficult for the brain to fuse the two images. As a result, patients may experience symptoms such as headaches, eye strain, and double vision, especially in their conventional glasses. To relieve these symptoms, SHAW Lens aims to match the image sizes by adjusting the lens parameters, offering comfortable binocular vision.
SHAW Lens is different as it takes into consideration how both eyes work together as a team. It takes into account factors such as frame dimensions, positioning of the frame, binocular vision status of the user and, optics of the lens. By taking these factors into account, SHAW Lens reduces or eliminates distortions, resulting in clear and comfortable binocular vision.
Authorised Avulux providers can be found in the “store finder”.
Studies have found that blue, amber, and red wavelengths of light incite and worsen migraine attacks. On the other hand, green wavelengths of light reduce headache pain intensity associated with migraine. - Avulux lens precisely filters the blue, amber and, red wavelengths of light and allows a narrow band of green soothing light through.
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